Thursday, January 22, 2009


Sorry babes, for the lacks of updates.
We are back in hometown for cny break

For those who's visited us at the absolute bazaar
we would like to thank you all for the supports!
And for those who often drop by to check on us,
We would like to say thank you and sorry too
We will be back soon.
we promise we'll bring more eye candy for all of you!

We wish you all

Happy Chinese New Year!

While at the mean time,
we would like to do a lil survey regarding this pair of
Leather Fringe love.

If we are receiving good response
we will bring this pair in for all of us,
we mean IMPORT =)
Isn't its great?

Eventhough it's import
We still gonna make it affordable
It definitely would not be more than

You heard me? =)

Drop us a msg / mail now!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

LV inspired Laundry bag

Kelly Osborne spotted in $ 2400 LV Laundry bag

Isn't its special?
Imported from oversea,
our very own LV inspired Laundry bag !
Stamped with LV's Stamp
It comes with dust bag
Handphone Pocket
Pocket for small item
Key ring
Superb quality :)

Sick of carrying one that been spotted all over the place?
This is something special you should get for yourself!
Very Limited!

Available in 2 size:

Large (Left) :

6 x 13 x 17.5 inch
RM 95


Small (Right) :

5.5 x 10 x 12 inch



Sassy Chic - Purple

3.5 inch height

Dark Purple
PU material

Available in :

Size 36/ 5

Advisable to take a size bigger as cutting is bit small



Friday, January 16, 2009

Wild Cat

We girls just love stiletto heels!
Stilettos give the optical illusion of a longer,
slimmer leg, a smaller foot, and a greater overall height.
Thinking of comfy pair for nite out? shopping ? Long walk?
This is it!
Pair it with skinnies
and lets makes the guy go wild! *rawrrr*
Height: 1/2 inch raise platform
uber stable 3 inch stiletto heels

Available in :
Size 36/ 5 (SOLD)
Size 37/ 6 (SOLD)
Size 38/ 7 (SOLD)
Size 39/ 8 (SOLD)

Advisable to take a size bigger as cutting is bit small


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Buckle up

Width: 3 inch
Length: 26 inch (nearest hole) -
about 29 inch (further hole)

Fit UK size 6 and above

Available in :

Pink (Sold)
Grey (Sold)


Non Restockable


Width: 3 inch
Length: about 23.5 inch (without buckle)
26 inch ( With buckle)
Not suitable for petite

Available in:
White (Sold)
Light Brown (Sold)
Dark Brown (Sold)
Grey (Sold)
Red (Sold)
Black (Sold)

RM 26

Non Restockable

Oh Rosey Version 2

Width: 3 inch

Length: 24 inch ( nearest buckle) - 26inch (furthest)

Available in:

Blue (Sold)
Beige (Sold)
Brown (sold)


Now RM 20
Sold Out
Non Restockable

Sassy Chic

3.5 inch height
Red Color
PU material

p/s: perfect for CNY!

Available in :

Size 36/ 5 (Sold)
Size 37/ 6
Size 38/ 7 (Sold)
Size 39/ 8

Advisable to take a size bigger as cutting is bit small

Available in purple and black as well.
Do let us know if you are interested with Purple n black
We will try to bring it in!

Now RM 30

Red Devil Revisit

Good news to all shopaholic out there

Due to high demand in this sexy pair

we managed to restock the item

but only Limited Pairs!

So make sure u grab it now before someone do!

3.5 inch
Metalic Red in color
Stiletto Metal heels

Available in:
Size 35 / 4 (Sold)
Size 36/ size 5
Size 37/ size 6 (Sold)
Size 38 / 7 (Sold)


Now RM 38

Not Restockable

Friday, January 9, 2009


Dear all,

Duskywings will be at youth'09 this saturday and sunday (10/1 - 11/1) ! This time we will be with the lovely couple from Sugadollies! Don't forget to come and visit us yea!? Lotsa new accessories, great bargain and pre-loved item will be selling on our booth! Do drop by!